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Tax Services Provided By Vegas CPA Group

At Vegas CPA Group LLC, we offer a wide range of comprehensive and thorough year-round tax assistance for businesses and individuals. Tired of receiving your tax returns at the last minute with little or no time to review and change? We take an active and continuance approach to all aspects of taxation to avoid last minute surprises

Individual Taxes

At Vegas CPA Group LLC, we offer quick, painless preparation of your personal income taxes. We are available year-round to provide you with the advance planning you need to file your return in a timely manner without the suspense and surprises

Corporate Taxes

At Vegas CPA Group LLC, we realize Business Owners don't like surprises. We help you carefully plan your tax strategy to minimize risk and maximize profitability. We have actual industry experience, and we use our expertise to help you create your best tax strategies

Tax Planning and Preparation

At VegasCPA Group LLC, our core philosophy is a comprehensive tax plan is your key to maximize your finances and maximize your profit. We don't just prepare your tax return. We help you create a solid plan to not only prepare your current year's taxes, but also plan for your future returns.

Sales Tax Services

Sales tax compliance can be confusing and complicated. At Vegas CPA Group LLC, our staff of professionals has the expertise and experience to accurately prepare all sales tax filings as well as train your staff in filing sales tax compliance returns.

Accounting Services

Book keeping Services

Vegas CPA Group LLC has the expertise to provide a full array of full-charge bookkeeping services, from Bookkeeping, to bank reconciliations, to analyzing payables and receivables trends, to provide you with accurate, up to date financial information

Payroll Services

Payroll can be very time-consuming process, particularly for companies with a small staff. Vegas CPA Group LLC can provide payroll processing at a reasonable cost, as well as filing quarterly and annual federal and state payroll reports so you can manage your staff in a more efficient manner.

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Business Consulting Services

Vegas CPA Group LLC offers a comprehensive financial management solution. Our services go beyond traditional accounting. We help our clients plan for the future and achieve their growth and profitability goals. Get all the benefits of a CFO or Controller, while only paying for the amount of time needed. You receive our entire team of professionals for a fraction of the cost!


Incorporation and Business Analysis

Starting a business can be challenging on many levels, from establishing yourself in your market, to managing the complexity of the paperwork. Without expert advice, it can be a very daunting experience. The professionals at Vegas CPA Group LLC have real business experience. We will help you evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the many business entity types, ensuring you chose the correct one for your new business. Vegas CPA Group professionals will also guide you through formulating business plans, managing compliance with state and local authorities, as well as valuations of existing businesses if you are considering purchasing an existing business.

Business Checkup

  • Do your bankers and lenders trust your Financial Statements?
  • Are your Financial Statements prepared without errors?
  • Are your Financial Statements issued promptly each month?
  • Could your Company recover from a computer crash with no data loss?
  • Are you convinced your Company has no internal or external theft of assets?
  • Are Sales increasing, yet cash or profits decreasing?
  • Frustrated by the lack of information from your accounting department?
  • Uncertain about the direction your company is heading?
  • Uncertain about the health of your business?
  • Grappling with financial issues?


$59 /month

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$59 /month

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